Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True love's kiss

This past weekend we witnessed a marriage of two of our friends Tim & Tiffo. I enjoyed watching Enchanted back when it came out on DVD (while Mr. Woo fell asleep next to me), and was excited to hear True Love's Kiss as Tiffo walked down the aisle. Congrats TNT! By the way, that was so HSM2 that I heard at the reception.

Speaking of reception, we guests were greeted with a photoboof before entering the hall. Of course(!) I had my fair share of fun with pictures. Here we are... true love's kiss:
*sigh* dreamy, isn't it? ;)

It was pleasant to see Mr. Woo pick up on my excitement for the photobooth. He even talked Freddy into it. As you can see, not true love's kiss:
(click to enlarge)


dan tsai said...


Estera said...

heyyy!! i read your blog just as much as dan!! :)

Estera said...

jane! you look so pretty in the first picture!! :O)

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xtineyoo said...

so cute! :) :)

(i finally commented haha)

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