Sunday, August 2, 2009


You may have noticed a few minor changes around here...

1) Another contributor has been invited to blog.

You may have noticed over here to the right ............................................
that the Mr. Woo himself(!) is now officially able to write guest posts. With that said, look forward to his up-coming post. It's geared toward the men (not boys, but manly men), but you gals are definitely welcome to keep an eye out for it as well.

Here's a hint about the topic:

Other changes:

2) All readers/Gmail users are now able to comment.

Woo-hoo! Keep those comments rolling. Feel free to leave any suggestions and/or questions in that area too.

3) A search box has been added.

Now you can search the blog for words like "cake" and this post will appear as one of the several results.

4) I added a picture.

I call this Hubby & Me. :) I took it as we were strolling in the beautiful Butchart's Gardens in Victoria, BC during our Alaska cruise.

5) My profile and user name has been changed!

I am no longer a miss, but now a missus and (legally ... just in time for our 7-month anniversary) a Woo!

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