Monday, August 3, 2009

Tag, you're it!

Or "Tag your wife" in Mr. Woo's case.

Today, his gift for me arrived! Several weeks ago, I was getting ready for school (the teaching side of it) when Mr. Woo informed me that he had slept really late because he was making something for me. When he said he made one for our future kids too (and that he couldn't finish because he didn't know all of these kids' names), I thought he was kidding.

Turns out he purchased the one for me and saved the other projects as drafts. Without further ado, the dogtag/necklace that he made for me...

One side is a picture of us from our wedding that says, "I love you, Boo." And the other side is a picture form our engagement session that says "God loves you more 1 John 4:19". *grin*

I wore it since the moment I opened it, but now I must take it off to hop in the shower.

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Zinnia said...

awww! super sweet!!!! =]