Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting stood up... or so he thought.

Today, Fred redeemed his voucher to a meal + bringing a "date," as he called it.

Mr. Woo and Fred met up for accountability prior to our meal, but after a while I realized that his date was over 45 minutes late! After putting the dessert in the oven, the door bell rang. Though we wanted to play it off as if we already ate and were ready for the next course, we decided to be nice.

Who was this date, you may ask?
Bernard, or B as I like to call him, was stuck in traffic.

With a free-for-all menu setting, I thought the winner would have requested something like steak or ribs but our dear brother Fred asked me to make miyukgook (Korean seaweed soup)! This is traditionally eaten on birthdays and after giving birth (the seaweed is thought of as beneficial for the mom's health and breastfeeding). Neither was the case for Fred, but as promised his request came to fruition.

As Mr. Woo doesn't allow kimchi in his house, Fred decided to surprise him by bringing some banchan (Korean side dishes) - including kimchi. While this was enhancing our Korean meal, I was wide-eyed to hear Mr. Woo announce, "This kimchi's good!" o_O Note to Fred: You are more than welcome to come over for dinner whenever you would like. And feel free to bring any dishes you would like to convert Mr. Woo to eating *cough* mushrooms *cough*.

We also had minor kimchi spillage on the tablecloth, so we took out the Tide pen and saw it work its magic.

The Woo household encompasses a lot of eating, but we also like entertainment. Not too long after returning from our honeymoon, we had a bag of grapes (eating) and threw them in the air to catch them in our mouth (entertainment). When that wasn't hitting the "max factor" we threw grapes into the air to each other. This memory came to mind when Mr. Woo decided to reinact it with the kong banchan (seasoned black bean).

Let's play a little game. One round of the Spot the Differences game. Ready? Alright. Here are your two pictures. What/where are the differences?

.............. A .................................. B ....................

If you said:

Picture A is no good! You can see the kong next to his neck.
Picture B shows Mr. Woo's success with the chopsticks + kong.

then you are correct!
Congratulations, and thanks for playing! :)


dan tsai said...

Mr Woo's facial expressions in the latest photo series has once again made me laugh hysterically! HAHAHA!!! lovin it

junia said...

wow, he looks like a fish gasping for air!!!!!

corrie said...

you guys.....are hilarious! hahaha
(ps. i commented! i am a silent reader no longer!)