Monday, August 17, 2009

How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

Poker face!

Get it??? HahahAHaHa
(courtesy of Christine M.)

Poker Night #4 was a quick (or long) one - depending on which side of the spectrum you were sitting on.

plus, yours truly.

Whole wheat penne rigate
with onion and garlic marinara sauce
and shrimp
Garlic bread

(French vanilla + Chocolate chip)

How dare you think that I was cheating!
I just wanted a picture of the pazooki!


We're always changing up "the look" of the dealer button. Once a capo; another time an egg shaker. This time, Mr. Woo brought out the awww-factor.

(Note: The picture was taken this past year when Lifetouch came to school for Spring Picture Day. The photographer posed us, and the kids in line took turns in yelling out "ewwwwww!!!")

Our defender from the last tourney was actually the first one out. The plus side was that he could enjoy his cookie worry-free.

In the end, it was the two who aggressively wanted in on the Hall of Fame. It was pretty humorous to find out, near the end, that DMT had been playing this whole time (this being his second time) thinking that 2 was the highest. That's Deuces (aka Big Two), brother...

In the end, a long way there, it was Mr. Woo who (finally) earned his place in the championship tournament that is to come in the future. Congratulations, Hubby! Good effort, DMT!

See y'all next month... if you can put your chips where your mouth is. :P


dan tsai said...


Bethany said...

AHAHA DANN TSAI why in the world would you think that 2's are the highest??

dan tsai said...

they're the highest in Big Two/Pusoy...

Nate said...

lol dan

Zinnia said...

dan tsai...i love your facial expressions.

dan tsai said...

thanks, zinn. i try.

by the way, jane, you should change your camera's white balance so the colors arent always so yellow. ill show you how next time.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

I knew Dan's face would attract readers!

@Dan - *gasp* There's a way to do that??? It must be so convenient to be knowledgeable about technology...

NoLie said...

Cyrus's picture is ridiculous.. lol