Saturday, August 22, 2009

Room of Living

I'm becoming quite fond of our living room. Not because we've finally acquired more seating (that's another post to come) but because of the fond memories in this room.

Thus far, we have had:
  • one gymnastics competition
  • a couple proms
  • few movie nights
  • several dinner + movie dates
  • and countless study halls
...all by our two-some. :)

Which room do you enjoy living in most? Why?


junia said...

i love the dining room. i remember sitting in it and doing hw! it's in the middle of all the hustle and bustle!

(it only sucks when your mom makes you clean everything up for dinner -_-)

Nate said...

a couple proms? thats so cute, it made me warm and fuzzy inside

C.S. Doughty said...

I like The Spirit Room. Actually, it's not an actual room, per se. It's more of a state of mind or being - basically, when I feel God is near, or the Spirit is stirring in me. So really, The Spirit Room can be anywhere - in the kitchen, the living room, under a tree, beside a lake, atop a cliff - anywhere. I originally derived the name "spirit room" from Michelle Branch's first album, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and thought the name seemed appropriate. (I'm sorry for not picking an actual room in a house. I guess I have trouble selecting one because I don't feel like I've ever really had a physical home.)
(I just thought this was cute - it's from an album I would listen to on days when I was ill as a child, and it helped me feel better. )

dan tsai said...

never felt at home at my "home". My favorite 'room' was a bench overlooking the ocean at a nearby park in socal :)

Hannah said...

a couple proms?? what??

hmm... I actually have a lot of good memories from the dining room, too! Like Junia! I used to study there with my friends... uh oh, nerd alert! We had a lot of fun studying together. :)