Thursday, November 5, 2009

Won by a tad

In honor of Tadamus' birthday, I find it a very appropriate time to announce our winner of Poker Night #5!

Remember the contest I was going to hold? Here was the challenge: Crack open 3 pistachios that barely have a sliver of an opening. It all happened so fast that all I got was a picture of the end result:

Thanks to Tad, I could finally(!) eat those long-awaited 3 pistachios. Now, you might think I had an ulterior motive to the challenge, but I like to think of it as a win-win situation.

Here's what our friend won:

After a cornbread chili casserole, we started the game. (Note to self: Maybe we'll save the ultra lean meat for burgers instead of the chili...)

And again, Tad won. Here's his second prize, the wrapping courtesy of Mr. Woo:

Wait for it...

Wait for it...
Still waiting for it...
 "What is this???" (insert Mr. Woo's hysterical laughter)

Maybe it's the fact that our dear brother had played pranks on others in college, but it's just so funny to pull one on him. Too bad secretly putting bugs in his food is not going to phase him... Go ahead, ask him why not. :P

Moving on, here's his real prize:


Check out that dimple. It's a crater because he's so happy!

Okay, the night was not all about Tad, and I'm done embarrassing him. Let's introduce the other contestants who get an 'A' for effort. (Who made up that line because it's Effort, not Affort. Wait a minute... Is it "You get an 'A' for trying so hard" and not a trying-to-be-clever saying???)

Community turkey leg, community sunglasses - same difference. Come to think of it, JRitzi - why dost thou not join the passing of the shades?

So there it is folks. Another player in the Hall of Fame. Oh, and to keep y'all informed, there is talk about extending one more player into the Championship game.

The Woo Society's Hall of Fame:

1. Mrs. Woo
2. (J)onny/Mrs. Woo
3. Freddy
4. Mr. Woo
5. Tadamus
6. ???

(7. ???)
Champion: ???

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