Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4Bucks' Love Project

Starbucks (aka 4Bucks because that's how much it costs for coffee) is currently holding a Love Project. If you make a $15 purchase, you will be gifted with the Starbucks Red Love CD featuring groups like Dave Matthews, U2, and more.  For each CD, $1 will be donated to help fight AIDS in Africa.

I moseyed on over to the gallery and got lured into making/drawing a picture myself (those sketching sound effects worked, Starbucks!). It was nice to draw a few hearts and write LOVE nice and pretty, but that's not how I view love. So I drew a cross and added the words patient and kind, but that's about all I could fit. I knew this wouldn't make sense to an unbeliever so I added 1 Cor. 13:4-7. Of course it didn't fit underneath my pretty swirls so I had to break it up. I wish I could show you this meaningful design but 4Bucks ripped me off again! They didn't save it! :(

After hearing the pen-on-paper sound effects some more, I created another drawing. This time I saved it myself. Good thing too, because the submit button got "stuck." Being computer illiterate, I didn't know what was wrong and called it a day. Here's my Mona Lisa:

Up close:

What is your interpretation of it? :)


dan tsai said...

bear LOVES bumble bee

and a flying whale in the sky.

junia said...

Bee in the center of my heart?

Zinnia said...

a whale?!

chris said...

Many different scenarios here:

1. Bumble bee has infiltrated and stung the whale's heart, weakening the whale with its sweet stinger, and taking him captive. The bear is looking on and admiring the bee's handiwork.

2. The dotted lines mark the meandering flight path of the bee. The bear sees the flying bee and falls in love with the bee. But the bear cannot join the bee because the bear cannot fly. When he tries to reach out and embrace the bee, he finds he cannot, because the bee is encapsulated by a barrier of three overlapping heart shields.

3. The bee was soaring merrily along when all of a sudden, it found itself sequestered and confined within the heart of the whale. The bee cannot escape, but does not really want to anyway. The bee is happy to reside in the heart of the whale. Meanwhile, the bear, who has fallen in love with the bee, longs to save the bee from a predicament the bee does not even wish to be rescued from.

4. The bear is in love with the bee, and the bee knows it, so the bee playfully hides within its magically constructed heart blockade, knowing the bear will attempt any tactics to try to break through the bee's barriers so that the bear will be able to be with the bee.

And there are others, but I just don't have the time to speculate further...

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

hahaha but where is this whale that y'all see?

dan tsai said...

the creature in the topright can be clearly identified as a member of the flying whale species.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - That's a tree with two leaves! Like the tree on my classroom wall behind my desk.

(cf. http://cyrusandjane.blogspot.com/2009/08/walls-neckties.html )

dan tsai said...

more like... http://9gag.com/photo/7829_full.jpg