Monday, November 16, 2009

Join the Woo's in giving thanks!

Just in case you didn't receive it, Mr. Woo sent out an e-mail to EBCBmail inviting y'all to join us for Thanksgiving if you will not be going home for the holidays. Here's what it said...

Hi family,

If you're not going home for this Thanksgiving, my wife and I are opening up our place to the church and would be delighted to have YOU over for dinner.  Here's the information:

Who:   You
What:  Thanksgiving Dinner
Where: The Woo's Residence - Transportation will be arranged later
When:  November 26th (time still to be determined)
Why:    To celebrate and thank the Lord for His faithfulness, to partake in an encouraging time of fellowship, to enjoy the rich blessing of delicious food in abundance, to have some relaxing fun with our brothers and sisters, and other stuff

This dinner will be potluck style, so start thinking about what you can bring to share with others.  Off the top of my head, it'd be nice to have a turkey (or two) with gravy + cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, candied yams, bad-for-your-health-but-so-tasty-in-your-mouth stuffing, refreshing apple cider, biscuits and rolls, hearty ribs, and many other things (I guess a vegetable would be healthy).  [Mrs. Woo] will coordinate this later so don't concern yourself with the specifics of food just yet.

In the meantime, please shoot [Mrs. Woo] an email if you're interested in joining us for the evening.  Her email address is ________ (I wonder if we'll ever get that changed).  Feel free to invite others if they're going to be in the area and please RSVP by Nov 21st (next Saturday).

P.S. Feel free to contact Hong and Tami, Daniel and Cassie, or JonTsai as well.  Their places are also open.

Two minutes later, a Gchat window opens up. It's Becca, saying:
your husband's email is funny
it's so clear that he got pretty excited about eating as he started listing the foods
they get more and more detailed

It's like she was in the other room when Mr. Woo said those exact words! He had just told me the same thing except he added that he was drooling.

Oh, Mr. Woo - how food brings thou much happiness...

Sometimes, you're enjoying it so much that you like you're in pain. Oh the joy! :)

What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?