Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winners Announced: 30-Day Challenge

We wrapped up our contest a while back, and we have our winners! I've kept you waiting long enough, so let's get right to it.

Segment one winner: 
 HANNAH W.!!! (on the right)

Our dear sister had her debut here and made speedy plans to be the first person to complete 5 of the 30 challenges.

On Tuesday, 5/11 - I hugged Corrie Park at Study Hall.
On Wednesday, 5/12 - I took pictures with brothers and sisters I adore at the Campanile.
On Friday, 5/14 - I told you and my class sisters that I love you guys!
On Saturday, 5/15 - David and I went on a special date to SF for our 2 years' anniversary.
On Sunday, 5/16 - I called my mommy.

Andd I've been praying for Kathy getting married and you and your Mister in some of my prayers in the last week. DOES THIS MEAN I WIN??????? 

I don't have a diamond ring for her, but Hannah's prize package includes: one of my favorite "girl books," Feminine Appeal by Caroline Mahaney, a fun tank top for the summer, and a rich toffee chocolate bar to share with her sweetie. Congrats, Hannah!

Segment two winner: 
 CARRIE S.!!! 

You won't believe (well, most of you will) how much I was "awww"ing over her submission of the most pictures/videos. This cutie pie got to doing all of the following (that's right, y'all, a baby beat the crowd) with Mommy's help.

Day #17 - Hug a '10 brother (for the guys) or sister (for the gals)
- this one may not count since it was during senior banquet... 
Day #21 - Take a picture with someone you adore
Day #25 - Give a child a hug
we weren't able to take a picture of them hugging... but they did that day.. =)
Day #8 - Go on a "date" with someone dear to you- do play dates count?? =D
sorry it's so blurry.. the one with nomi is at dragon rouge... the one with all the kids is at the park
Day #9 - Jump on the bed (but not for too long)
- the in action pic is blurry... so i added the other one after she finished jumping..
Day #10 - Eat a salad
again, the "in action" pic is blurry... so i added the other one
Day #2 - Call/visit your parents
she's calling daddy.. =)
Day #4 - Make someone laugh
- she just grabbed the sunglasses and wore them.. in the middle of eating!  of course, i started laughing.
Day #12 - Learn something new (eating by herself)

Whew! Little Carrie's prize package includes: Spot's Little Book of Fun: At the Beach, pink leggings, and a little ducky friend. Congrats, Carrie (and Narae)!

Honorable mentions:
  • Mr. J. Hong - Mr. Hong finished 5 of the challenges, I believe starting with Sushi House, just one day after Hannah's submission.
  • Kevin - Nish showed great ambition in wanting to achieve all 30 challenges. I commend him for setting his goal high, and starting off with 8 out of the 30. Only 22 more to go...

Oh, what fun! I'm liking these contests (and subsequently shopping for prizes!). Though the contest is closed please consider some of the challenges, such as praying for others and finding ways we can serve others (#30) in the body. In the meantime, I'll work on scheduling contests to better fit my teaching schedule so that prizes will be given sooner. Thanks for your patience! :)

A friendly reminder to all those who voted in Ice Breaker Contest, please pick up your prize as well!


Hannah said...

WHOOO HOOOOOO~!!! to be honest, i should be thanking nolan for the motivation to get everything done quickly because he scared me into thinking he was going to beat me! excited for the prize package... i REALLY wanted read Feminine Appeal. yay! :D thanks jane :) plus, i got a job so you'll be seeing more of me. hehehe

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah - I'm so glad to hear! :)