Friday, July 23, 2010

His & Hers post-wedding chop (PWC)

Today is finally the day that I took action on the "obligatory" PWC. I haven't cut my hair since before the wedding, which brings it to about 2 years that I've gone without chopping. I suppose it's not that impressive since I only get a cut in once a year or so... But with a co-worker of mine going through cancer, I decided I wanted to donate these locks to an organization that can better use it to make wigs rather than getting it swept up into the dump. I did some research and found the ever-popular Locks of Love rumored to be a bit shady so I'm currently looking into either Wigs for Kids or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. (They're also using hair/fur/wool to help the oil spill!)

First up, Mr. Woo:

The man's been wanting to buzz his hair for a long time. Personally, I think it makes him look like a Boyscout about to take his knapsack and go for a hike. But if it makes him happy, okay. (Sorry, no pictures of the process. I was reading a magazine...)

Then it was my turn:

I went to Tomo's and ran into a stinky long line without an appointment. Fortunately, Lisa was free at that time, so I didn't have to wait another minute. Here we go:

Pocahontas browsing through a magazine.

Pocahontas mid-cut.

Pocahontas hit with initial shock.

Pocahontas watching Lisa work her magic.

Feeling 5lbs lighter and Pocahontas no longer.

Lisa was pleasant to work with. I told her I was donating my tail and that my PWC was long overdue. After the 14 inches or so were cut off, I asked Husband to find the ziplock bag I had brought so we could put the (kind of yucky-looking) hair in there. Then I was off to shampooing with another lady. Back to Lisa and the snipping and layering continued. We chatted about work and kids (daughters for her, students for me). I voiced my concern that my bangs would be to "piecey" with gaps between them so she happily thickened them. I walked out $25 poorer and with exactly what I asked for. When my hair is longer I usually find a $10 cut somewhere that can layer a bit, but since this was a risky length, with bangs (and the fact that I cut my hair about once a year), I thought it was worth it. Plus, I really like it. :)

Here we are as freshly groomed Mr & Mrs:
Note: Mr. Woo was not harmed in the making of this cut. Though we anticipated some trauma, he held up strong and braved through my transformation. He is currently deciding if he likes it or not.

What'd ya think? :D


Esty said...

you DEF need to spend a little more when cutting hair that drastically. I can go into horror stories of my own, but it'll take too long. haha

dan tsai said...

$25 in 2 years for a haircut? I spend that much in a month for haircuts sometimes!

Hanna said...

i think it looks fabulous!! i've been meaning to tell you but i feel like our paths never crossed the past couple of weeks! :D but i really like it!! AND $25 is hecka cheap girl! Some people pay like $>$50!!! esp. for your length! :D good job! I need a haircut too..:( but I have a dying perm and it's a bit more complicated since I'll have half perm half straight if I got my PWC. sigh, anyway, I've said to much!

Hannah said...

i second hanna! $25 for your cut was a sweet deal, especially cuz it turned out so cute, sassy and styled. i rike! :D

Edward Kao said...

i like! =)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Etsy - I'd like to hear them all some time.
@Dan - You, my friend, might want to invest in a hair cutting kit.
@Hanna - That's a good reason to wait. I'm approaching 2 years!
@Hannah, Edward - Thanks!

Update: Mr. Woo decided this morning that he likes it better than Pocahontas! :D