Friday, January 8, 2010

Capture A [Birthday] Smile

So I told you about the gift that I'm not going to be able to top (It's been affirmed by Mr. H.), right? I'm not finished, but having assembled most of the pages together I decided to show Mr. Woo his birthday present. It's only fair - I didn't get him a Christmas present... or an anniversary gift... *clears throat* Moving on...

The semi-arc of space you see toward the bottom right was where I sat... for days.

A birthday card arrived in the mail - from my parents to their son-in-law!


And my two favorite of the night...


The gift was a scrapbook filled with entries of friends and students, whom he all loves like family. I compiled, formatted (but did not edit - all you who had typos!), and arranged the responses to my 7 questions.

1. What is your fondest memory/ most memorable moment with Mr. Woo?

2. Mr. Woo reminds you of which animal? Why?

3. If Mr. Woo were to learn how to cook one dish, what should it be?

4. How have you seen the Lord use Mr. Woo to further His kingdom?

5. What's the best advice you heard/ were given for the early years of your marriage?

6. What will our first child look like? (You can submit a drawing or a paint file to me in person as well.)

7. Any last encouraging words/ birthday wishes for our dear brother?

Thank you so much to all those who contributed in verse and illustrations! As you can see, he was overwhelmed by your kind, and often humorous, words. It was also a sweetly encouraging time for me as I read of how the Lord has been using Husband in many ways. 

Press on, Pooki! I love you!

Could you please leave suggestions for what I can do for his next birthday? Don't worry, he might read it, but he'll soon forget it. His brain has so much in it with all his responsibilities that it doesn't have room to remember this kind of information.


Patty said...

Ooooh how about a couples' massage? I know Groupon has great deals!

dan tsai said...

is cyrus growing out his facial hair again?

you should post an entry with some "best-of"s from the book :)

Hannah said...

wow. i'm so un-artistic. my idea of a great bday present last year was taking david to the zoo. haha. no suggestions for you here! but i'll gladly take some of yours!! :D

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Patty - Oh, I can look into that!
@Dan - It might be his 5 o'clock shadow.. hehe. Hm, "best-of"s, aye?
@Hannah - Aww, you're so sweet!