Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6 more weeks of Christmas in a cup

I had a great day today!

Let's recap: I woke up early, got my Starbucks, arranged neatly on each of my students' desk a Happy Groundhog Day pencil with a mystery picture worksheet (sorry, no picture), students were excited and grateful about the colorful pencils, taught normal academic subjects, read a story about Punxsutawney Phil to them, talked about sin and why it should bother them, left early for my Kaiser appointments with two different specialists, Husband drove and came with me for moral support, discovered the culprit to my allergy(!), received a cream for my eczema, asked questions I've literally had for years since I was there anyway, ate dinner with a friend of ours, finished one item off of my to-do-for-Open-House list, am relaxing while blogging, and will soon be watching American Idol on my new laptop, Onesimus 2.

One of the events I'd like to highlight...

Punxatawney Phil came out this morning (more like forced at the break of freezing dawn, the poor thing) and saw his shadow - 6 more weeks of winter!

Speaking of winter, a couple months ago, I watched a movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds called "The Proposal." In it, he gets her coffee for her every morning - a Soy Cinnamon Dulce Latte, which they refer to as "Christmas in a cup." I don't know if it was the scene that prolonged the coffee's appearance (he spills one on himself, but like a good assistant, he always buys two..) but I just had to give it a try. So after one of our date nights, we walk over to Starbucks and I tell them exactly what I want. It went something like this:
Barista #1: Hi, what can I get for you?
Mrs. Woo: Hi! Have you seen the movie, "The Propsal"?
Barista #2: Oh, yeah, I have!
Mrs. Woo: I can't remember what that drink was called, but do you remember the one that Sandra Bullock always gets?
Barista #2: Yeah, it's the, um... Cinnamon Dulce Latte!
Mrs. Woo: Yes! Can I get a Soy Cinnamon Dulce Latte please?
Barista #1: Sure.

And so, I walked out a happy patron - Soy CDL in one hand, Husband's hand in the other. The evening brought a crisp breeze as we strolled down the street to where we parked. The light scent of cinnamon was close, and the smell of wood in a well-burning chimney was near. Winter bliss. :)


dan tsai said...

onesimus junior :)

glad you got the allergy thing figured out!

Hannah said...

oooo i shall try that drink when i'm in need of a little pick-me-up! :D I always fall back on my Christmas staple: soy peppermint hot chocolate.

junia said...

blegh - that movie was awful though..

i mean I don't understand how they fell in love! there was NO demonstration on the guy's part that he liked her.. his dramatic proposal at the end was so anticlimactic and confusing.

and sandra bullock is getting old ;-(

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - Now I don't need to get upset at Onesimus, Sr.
@Hannah - Do try! I have fallen back on my signature 1 pump, non-fat, no foam caramel macchiato often though. Perhaps b/c it doesn't feel like winter anymore. hehe
@Junia - I kind of liked the movie! But maybe that's b/c I'm fond of Sandra Bullock's comedic timing (her accent would come and go in "Blind Side" though). Most romantic comedies don't make sense if you really think about it... but through in a cute puppy and you've got yourself a show!