Monday, February 22, 2010

Mrs. Avocado

College life was great. I discovered many things like: Pad Thai, Blueberries, Lychee (the fruit, not the boba flavor), Cous Cous, and Naan - yes, even a small helping of academic learning on the side. ;) But the other deliciousness that I was introduced to was Avocados!

My co-worker gave me an avocado a few days ago, and today I remembered to bring it home. It was a beast of an avocado. Look, it's like a baby!

Seeing this ginormous avocado was getting me excited about eating it. It was so big, so ripe.

I slapped a third of it onto the omelet-rice (with veggies) that I made for my poor Hubby who only came home from a grueling day of work and school at 8:30 P.M. Of course the eggs were the first thing he smelled when he walked in the door. But even Mr. Woo, who usually doesn't like avocado, really enjoyed eating it! We quickly ate up the two-thirds remaining in the same sitting.

Hands down, the best avocado. I need to find my co-worker's avocado tree and eye some more for the taking.
Puahah, I'm so punny!


Pastor James said...

Who has the avocado tree? I love avocados!

Esty said...

avacados are my favorite fruit!

Melody said...

that's a huge avocado! which reminds me--that i have to eat my avocado! yum for avocados!

junia said...

eugene park introduced the amazingness of pouring some soysauce into the seed hole and spooning bits of avocado dipped in soysauce.... so yummy

Hong and Tami Kim said...

please get me some off of her tree too! k? mmmm.... love them. cubbie loves them too!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Pastor James - Now that I've told you, you can't go and take ALL of them, okay?
@Esty - I had no idea avocados were so popular! What took me so long to find out about them?
@Melody - The worst is when I buy them and forget about it! So expensive... :(
@Junia - What the Asian??? Maybe it works b/c it's so salty, like when you use salt?
@Tami - Haha, honestly I did think of you while eating it. :P

Virginia said...

I discovered the wonder of avocados in college too! :)