Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How we Koreans mix it up

This past weekend we made a trip to visit my parents. The four of us paid a visit to Kome, a new buffet rivaling Moonstar, with unlimited sushi, crab, lobster, and I don't know what else because that's all I ate. My parents wanted to watch Avatar after hearing all the fuss so we did so in 3-D. Perhaps it was all the emotion that James Cameron was wrenching out of me, but driving away from the waving Mama and Papa Birds who were about to turn back into the empty nest left me with a pang in my heart. (Hats off to Mr. Cameron. You've done it again.)

But have no fear, Mama Bird packed us some worms (figuratively speaking) which she slaved for in the kitchen with love! She packed us to-go boxes of bibimbap, Mr. Woo's favorite. And by the way, ever since they found out that he really likes eggs and likes them slightly undercooked so that it'll pop and ooze out the yoke, that's how they make his eggs - every time, minimum four eggs.

Mr. Woo's also discovered the taste of gochujang (red pepper paste) and puts a bunch of it in his mountain of a bowl. He's impressed shocked worried me with a second helping of it each time. So this time, we put it all in one big bowl - Korean style.

Wait, something's missing...
That's better, but... 


Yes, now I have a super elated Husband. :)

We mixed it up:

And feasted:
(Note: I am married and now able to post pictures such as the one before you. When I have children later, they may ask that I take it down...)

We're so romantic! That was my reasoning for sharing one bowl. :) The other benefit was fewer dishes to wash.

It is finished:

So now we have full tummies thanks to Mama Bird's labor of love (and no gochujang stains on any of the tableware thanks to the paper towels that were laid out - yes, I went there.) Thank you, Mommy! :)


dan tsai said...

:( it's almost 2:30PM in singapore, and I'm stuck on a call and haven't eaten yet! I'm STARVINGGGGG

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - Tell them you haven't eaten yet, and that you'll call them back after you're full. C'mon, where are your work ethics?

junia said...

wait did you eat ALL that bibimbap AFTER the all you can eat buffet?

that's megasaurs!

dan tsai said...

clearly, my priorities are skewed.

anyways, I wrapped up the call, and went to the food court in the mall. Inspired, I ordered a bowl of bibimpap....

Hannah said...

LOL! you and david think alike... when we're cooking together and he's in charge of the stove, we usually end up eating out of the pot or pan. his reasoning: it's more fun to eat together! and fewer dishes!

great minds do think alike... and apparently, i am not one of them.

rebekahmyung said...

lol that picture of you cyrus eating is SOO FUNNY! i was cracking up.
loooks soso yummyyy :D

Hong and Tami Kim said...

that is ONE MASSIVE bowl of korean food! i'm kind of shocked.

Daniel S. Kim said...

cyrus seems to love the ahjuhshee a-shirt. the second to last pic is the best.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Junia - You must read carefully.
@Dan - How funny! Wait, they have bibimbap in Singapore??? I thought that country was super-clean!
@Hannah - We should have you and David over for bibimbap, 1 bowl for you and 1 bowl for us. ;)
@Rebs - It makes us laugh too!
@Tami - The Woos have dangerous appetites.
@Daniel - He usually walks around the apartment with his undershirt on. hehe