Saturday, January 2, 2010



In celebration, I'd like to share some good 'ol memories from the "big day"...

One year ago: 

My favorite shot of the day:

If we had a fireplace, I'd hang this one above it. CAL has some great architecture for photo ops, my veil was caught by a gentle breeze, and Mr. Woo just looks GQ. Gorgeous shot, Yong.

For the slideshow, you can click HERE. Our photographer was extra-nice and put it together for us as a gift. :)

Our super MCs had guests wrote haikus for us. They were gathered and are still sitting in a bag, waiting to be added to our guest book. Here are a few selections from our friends and family:

I will write a poem
For you, Cyrus and Jane Woo
Dang I'm out of space

Let me remind you that haikus are a Japanese-style of poetry in which there are 3 lines - the first and last having 5 syllables while the second has 7 - which make beautiful imagery and/or metaphors. Let us proceed...

Roses are red HAH
Violets are Bue HAH HAH
Cyrus & Jane are cool!

Yup, make it work.

This one I was impressed with because it, like the others, came from a male:

Rise, the new day comes
the Radiance fills our Hearts
Don't forget to smile

I'm telling you, these guys are so ready to romance a lady friend. Ladies, start dropping those hankies!

A kiss, tis so sweet
It fades swiftly from the lips
Like the ebbing tide.

This one was anonymous, but it looks like male handwriting (Is that safe to say?):

Under unseen stars
Your ship sails strong in love's hold,
Grace your compass-guide.

From couples:
Korean Chinese.
Together like ham and cheese.
Make marriage sandwich.

The night is still young
Sanctify the marriage bed.
Have lots of babies! :)

Jane and Cyrus Woo
Now the man has a helper
God is so faithful!

Not a haiku but I like it, nonetheless:

The Old Woman Who Lived in a shoe

There was a young couple,
played a game with their shoes
'Cuz on this special day,
they both became Woos.
Asked myriad questions,
they learned many things
Among them that marriage
is more than just rings.

And this person was so compelled that he (with the help of a she) wrote us three matching haikus:

Cyrus, don't get fat
Even if the food tastes good
Cyrus, don't get fat

Jane, do not get chubs
Don't be tempted by the grub
Jane, do not get chubs

You guys don't get plump
Go to exercise and jump
You guys don't get plump

Very heartfelt indeed. And with that inspiration, I'm off to get "chubs" by sleeping instead of exercising.


Pooki and Boo Woo
Treasured times from our journey
By God's grace, with love

Looking forward to this next year being each others' mirror! 
Lord, help us - we're going to need it! :)

Any one-year haikus?


Mr. Woo said...

Looking forward to
Having our own kid, others
Please don't take our name

Grace Kim said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the haikus :)

Grace Kim said...

and congratulations on your one year anniversary!!

Virginia said...

so its not a haiku....

Cyrus and Jane Woo
Make two
They like to cook
And read a book
Cyrus and Jane
Aren't just a story
They are working for God's glory!

...Emily Dickinson I am not.....but hope it made you smile!
congrats on your first year anniversary! :)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Mr. Woo - Are you hinting something?
@Grace - Thanks!
@Virginia - I like it! (Just for the record, Mr. Woo doesn't cook, much less like it. haha)

Virginia said...

ok ok so it doesn't totally fit....but book doesn't rhyme with eat :P

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Virginia - Ohh, I see what you were going for there. :) Thanks for your rhyme!

Sally said...

oh wow.. the "don't get fat" poems were from me and andy, haha! obviously his idea. congrats on your first anniversary, cyrus and jane!