Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Year Later

I've shared some more pictures and words from our big day one year ago, and can't believe how fast time travels!

While Mr. Woo and I were talking about our anniversary plans, he remembered that he had a CM meeting Saturday morning. "Can't you just cancel it?" (I had no shame at the time, and yes, that's how selfish I am.) But being the diligent CM director that he is, he proceeded with the meeting while I slept in.

When I awoke, it was to strangely familiar sounds coming from the kitchen. Unless it was a generous stranger who broke into our place to leave us some goodies and paused to whip up a meal as well, it must have been my dear husband! Soon enough, he came in announce words that I rarely hear from him, "Breakfast is ready!"

Now, I have to mention why this is such a big deal to me. Mr. Woo doesn't cook. In fact, he doesn't like it. In his words, "I hate cooking. It takes too much work." And now his Safeway trip the night before all makes sense. Usually, if he wants to go and buy something, he'll ask if I want to come with me. But this time he didn't. And when he came back, he didn't leave the bags on the kitchen table. He put things away himself. I should have known he was up to something!

So without further ado, breakfast made by Mr. Woo:

(Yup, that's what I wear to sleep when it's cold.)

Then, he drove us to the city as he had planned. (He wasn't able to find another Bed & Breakfast that looked appealing to him for an affordable price.) We walked around, bought calamari and shrimp, watched spray-painting artists, cheered for a group of breakdancers, saw the silver painted robot-man, admired the ginormous Christmas tree with just as huge presents underneath it,

went to Aquarium of the Bay with the free tickets we received,

ate Ben & Jerry's, picked up an dinner to bring back home, watched an episode of The Office (Christmas gift), then called it a day. Very chill. Very nice. :)

Thank you for planning, Pooki! We could be doing anything, and I'm sure I'd love it - all because you're my favorite kind of company. (heart) I could even wear a shark hat on my head, and you'd still stand next to me! Is that a great friend, or what? :)


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awww... :D congrats you two! I remember cutting the cake last year and saving the top layer for your 1 year anniversary. btw, that shark hat is VERY stylin' jane. who wouldn't want to stand next to you wearing that thing?