Thursday, January 15, 2009

What tastes like a name...

Mrs. Woo was leaving her apt with her husband, when he tells her, "We should name our son Curry. That's a cool name - Curry Woo. And we can name our daughter Bibim." (Note: I love the irony in the latter name. Additional note: bibim means mixed, as in bibimbap.)

For those who don't know, whenever we visit my parents, my mom cooks whatever Cy wants. At first it was her cuts-like-butter-tender, boneless, well-marinated kalbijjeem for a while. Then, he craved bibimbap (rice with lots of veggie side dishes mixed in) with an over-easy egg. I told her of his egg-fetish and she gave: 1 to my dad, 1 to me, and 4 to Cy. o_O He thinks hers are better than restaurants; she loves that he eats it so well. Everyone's happy except for the person who doesn't favor bibimbap too much - me.

Upon announcing these names to the world of gchat, the following comments came in:
Virginia: CURRY????!!! what DID you put in that curry....

Christine: but if he lags, ppl will tell him to 'hurry curry'...

Tad: you should call your kid "Soon Doo"or "Soon Doob"

Daniel: ehh curry and bibim? that'd be so weird
someone says to Curry, "Yo, Curry, I'm gonna eat you for lunch!"

Nathanael: kids might make fun of him

Sorry Tad, Cy's not a big fan of soondooboo.

***Na family trivia: What were Jane's parents thinking about naming her before settling on Jane Na?

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