Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Mazatlan for Salsa & Salsa!

First, we learned to make various salsas (and margaritas... at 9am...).
Here we are with our chef hats that fit our girly heads but were a bit snug for the guys. The guy on the left is Rodney. He and his wife were newlyweds too! They became the faces that we kept running into on the ship and at the ports. sang John Mayer songs at Princess Pop Idol while I sang Heart's "Alone" (for old times sake).

They had all the ingredients for each dish we'd be making laid out in clear bowls at each seat (one per pair) and walked us through each step. Then we ate them with taquitos and chips and topped it off with coconut ice cream that was served at the end. Knowing us Woo's and food, you can be safe to say that it was probably our favorite excursion.Following the I'm-going-to-now-add-"chef"-to-my-resume time, the workers cleared the tables from the area and created the "dance floor" where we learned to salsa dance! Ole! Of course being the one with more rhythm (so I'd like to think), I had trouble letting Mr. Woo do the leading. I hope this will not be a determinant for our future...

Speaking of whom, today is Mr. Woo's birthday! Princess changed our "Just Married" balloons to "Happy Birthday," which was kind of them. Then, they took it to another level and gave us a voucher to present to the waiter for when we dine. To celebrate, we went to the specialty restaurant Sabatini. We had heard that dining here takes roughly 2 hours because of the 30 different items that are served.
Personally, it didn't live up to be what the hear-say was. I found quite a few things that I didn't recognize to end up on my plate. The desserts, however, were wonderful!

Why I like the picture above:
#1 - We're honeymooning and celebrating hubby's bday. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
#2 - The people on either side of our table found us very intriguing.
#3 - The waiter taking the picture found them watching us to be interesting enough to include them in our picture that we will look at for years to come with fond memories.

Happy birthday, Mr. Woo!
From your wifey (and the two waiters behind you).

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