Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Our first port - Puerto Vallarta!

PV is known for their beaches, but we spent most of our time swimming with dolphins and spending time at the water park.

As soon as we get off the ship:
Swimming with dolphins was so cool! We were in group with some other folk. After sitting us down to watch a DVD, off to the water we went! The dolphins are trained so that if we make a T-shape with our arms out to the side, they will come up behind us and pull us along. If you float in a superman pose with your arms in front of you, the dolphins use their nose(?) to push you up out of the water so that you're "surfing." One thing on my To-do-before-I-die list, Check.

Watched the sealion show and the dolphin show:

Ate a hamburger for lunch but with my soda was defeated by the swarming bees.. :(

Went on the waterslides:

Rode in a taxi, the driver really likes Taz and has a walkie-talkie type of thing where he talks with other taxi drivers...

Cy entered the ping pong tournament:

I contributed 2 pieces to the cruise-wide puzzle:

Ate dinner:

Were entertained by Piano Man (who is probably the best entertainment on this cruise - he's really good):

Had a late-night snack/dessert... Notice a difference?

Here's Cy's plate:
And here's mine:

And called it a day. Tomorrow is our second port - MaZatLaN!

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