Sunday, January 4, 2009


Day Two - We're still on the ship, but loving the life.

After waking up and opening the door to grub, we found these balloons that said "JUST MARRIED" on them. Not only that, but we were also greeted with a complimentary wine voucher. How nice of Princess. Putting that together with the free 8x10 picture that our travel agent sent us, we were very happy (and thankful) newlywed campers. :)

Of course, we went right back to our initial plans of chowing down after acting like a little girl (only me, not Cy) about the balloons. Instead of showing you the pictures of all the plates of food that we ate, I'll show you some inedible sights. [Photos courtesy of yours truly]

Here's our balcony:
Here's the view from our balcony:

Here's the Scrabble that we borrowed and played from the ship's library (I know, they're crazy like that):

Okay, I lied. I want to show you some food. In the afternoon, they had a sushi buffet.
(Um, Princess, is that crazy man thing behind me necessary?)The sushi surprisingly looked better than it tasted, so we went to the 24-hr buffet and piled a few plates high and were satisfied with our alternative snack.

Then, we moseyed on over to the art auction:

Tonight was Formal Night so we got all prettied up in formal wear:

We had dinner...

...and then we rolled ourselves to our stateroom stuffed.

Restaurants: 5 vs. Gym: 0.5
(We went to the gym for a raffle drawing that was held in the gym.)


junia said...

UM WOW. you guys just ate . hahaha

dan tsai said...

nice job going to the gym.. for a raffle...