Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good morning, Alameda!

Tracy gets to hitch a ride to school on top of a dumpster truck; I get to carpool with my favorite person. On the morning commute with the Woo's...

Mr. Woo: What? That person turned before me!
Mrs. Woo: It's 'cause you were weaving.
Mr. Woo: Hey, that's not very encouraging...
Mrs. Woo: It's okay! Next time, you'll cut that person off. :)
Mr. Woo: You're very OT.

[2 minutes later]

Mr. Woo: What do you think about "eye for an eye; tooth for tooth" in the OT, and Jesus saying "turn the other cheek" in the NT?

[5 minutes into the OT/NT conversation]

Mrs. Woo: Yeah, that's what I said!
Mr. Woo: Really? I totally didn't get that message.

It's fun being married to my friend. :)

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