Sunday, January 8, 2012

A string of birthdays

The fall and winter seasons mean three things: (1) the change of smell in the air, (2) back-to-back holidays=sales=shopping, and (3) nearly everyone's birthday.

First up in the pack is who is now known as Halahbuhjee (Grandpa Na).

Then is Ama (Grandma Woo).

Next we have Uncle Nolan.

Followed by Halmuhnee (Grandma Na).

And then is Agong (Grandpa Woo).

Finally, we wrap up the line-up with Daddy.

Whew! (In between all those birthdays, we also have all three wedding anniversaries.) Then we take a deep breath in of the crisp smell that can only be described as "winter," go through the mounds of receipts to see the damage, and wait with no hurry until my birthday in the spring.

How do you usually transition into winter and the holiday season?

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