Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A three day process and finding feet

Our Selah has grown so much! I was excited to see that her dexterity was fantastic and just in time for opening presents, which she had no shortage of. The littlest member of the family probably received the most gifts but it was probably us who enjoyed it more.

Christmas Eve was spent with Mr. Woo's side of the family who came up for a few days. Nolie and Joe joined the food and fun as well.

Christmas morning was a cozy and special three-persons party. We sang songs, Husband read from the Word, and we fought for took turns holding the most popular member of our household as we opened gifts in our respective stockings. There seemed to have been misunderstanding about that. I thought it meant stocking stuffers plus gifts while Mr. Woo meant only gifts that fit in the stockings. Growing up, stockings were just decorations - except the year my cousins visited from Korea (Santa brought lots and lots of snacks). Now I know for next year.

She did give us a small something for us this morning: she found her feet! It could have been accidental while opening presents, but I saw with my own two eyes her little hand grabbed her even littler toes. Yay for another milestone! (And for remembering to record it in a list of "firsts" that I've been compiling for her scrapbook.)

Then Christmas dinner was at my parents' - with the whole gang. The food was exceptionally incredible before another round of gifts. Selah gathered the most gifts, hands down. She even received one from from Mr. Woo's company! And his team lead!

Three days of presents for the little munchkin! I like to think that it was great dexterity practice for the little learner. Maybe next year I should spread the gifts out and give her one for each holiday, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up or Presidents Day after that. I do sing her "Happy Birthday" for each weekly birthday (no gifts, just the song)...


Hannah said...

Hee hee! I like the pics of the grandparents! I can see their faces in you and Cyrus. And I can see more of your face in Selah!! :D

Hanna Lo said...

so what did cyrus end up getting you! he asked me to be sneaky..remember that hat i asked you about ? :)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah - I'm sure the grandparents would love seeing more pictures of themselves with the little bear.
@Hanna - Some earrings/pendant bling bling! He had Freddy drop a picture too.