Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best anniversary gift, ever

We celebrated our 3-year anniversary pretty low-key, which I didn't mind. Mr. Woo kept asking what I wanted to do, and all I could think of and want was to spend it anywhere as long as it was with him and our baby.

But then!

Mrs. Woo: Pooki, wake up.
Mr. Woo: Hmm?
Mrs. Woo: You need to wake up or else you'll be late for work.
Mr. Woo: No, it's okay.
Mrs. Woo: No it's not. You're going to be late!
Mr. Woo: It's okay.
Mrs. Woo: Get up! You're going to be late!
Mr. Woo: I already e-mailed.
Mrs. Woo: Huh? You did?
Mr. Woo: Yeah.
Mrs. Woo: Okay...

I thought it was strange but didn't think much of it. He was sweet to even pick up breakfast for us from a nearly regular weekend joint while I started laundry. I had to because he insisted that I do, using my "emergency quarters." And then he broke the news to me...

Mr. Woo: I messed up a lot, but I want to start off this year right.
Mrs. Woo: Okay.
Mr. Woo: I need you to pack.
Mrs. Woo: Why? We're not going anywhere.
Mr. Woo: Pack for three days, no -- pack for about five days.
Mrs. Woo: Where are we going?
Mr. Woo: I took some time off. I'm taking two weeks off to spend with you and Selah. I thought it'd be a good time since it's our anniversary.
Mrs. Woo: Are you serious???

YAY! Insert happy dance. (I was literally jumping up and down from excitement.) Looking back on it, it was kind of like how this little girl reacted to the news that she'd be going to Disneyland, minus the tears and backpack full of goodies.

And so Husband, Wife, and Baby packed and left to Monterey for a two-night stay at the same hotel two summers ago (cf. Phase V). My favorite part? Just enjoying the days with my sweet hubby and precious baby, no matter what we were doing/eating/seeing. The sea otters at the aquarium were a close runner-up. So much so that I dragged we happily went to see them again the next day. Selah liked talking to the penguins, (I think it's because they're black and white, and babies like contrast) while Mr. Woo liked seeing the jellyfish.

Happy 3 years of marriage, Pooki! I absolutely loved my have-Hubby-spend-two-weeks-at-home and Monterey getaway gift. Good call on starting it the day after so I would really be surprised. :)


Sophia said...

aw that ISSS the sweetest gift!!!!

Hanna Lo said...

really sweet!! :)