Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Staycation

Well, the summer sun that hardly came out is officially retiring, by my count, tomorrow - the first day back at school. I thought it'd be appropriate to compile a brief montage of our Hawaii-didn't-work-out-but-let's-make-the-most-of-this "staycation." We went to fairly local whereabouts and spent the time creating memories, which, for us, is what it's all about anyway.

Phase I - Summer School
 Think: Kids, Breakfast, Two weeks of math/reading.

Phase II - 18-Month Anniversary
Think: Food (of course), Ducks, No couple picture! O_O

Phase III - 17-Mile Drive
Think: Cameras galore, Beautiful Scenery, Family

Phase IV - Alameda County Fair

Think: Homegroup, Entertainment, Food 

Phase V - Monterey
Think: Bibs, Sea creatures, Monterey Bay Inn

Phase VI - SF Academy of Sciences (failed)
Think: 3.5-hr-wait Too long, Hot dog + Pretzel, Go home

Phase VII - Post-Wedding Chop
Think: Short, Donated, Happy

Phase VIII - Regeneration Camp (him) / Stay with Parents (her)
 Think: Solid preaching, Sitting next to J.Mac + eating his chips, Lecrae

Phase IX - Host Dinner / Party

Think: Crazy, Food, Fun

Phase X - Watch "The Music Man" (musical)
Think: Woodminster, J.Hong + Student's family, Unflattering pictures

There were also errands, job hunting, and in-service meetings towards the end. But those weren't as fun.

Mrs. Woo off to pick her first-day outfit, brush up on some teacher tips, and shower!

What was the highlight of your summer?


Hannah said...

highlights of my summer:
- italy!
- weddings!
- getting a job!

...and of course the bananagrams and banana split party are a close honorable mention ;)

dan tsai said...

my summer:
- being sick for about a month of it
- freezing cold weather
- another year, another stressful apartment move

... oh, HIGHLIGHTS...
- big sur (cold weather notwithstanding)
- Andrew's engagement
- weddings
- first (and hopefully not last) triathlon
- New Zealand

good times..

dan tsai said...

cyrus looks pregnant in the last picture. he needs to go do triathlons with us too.

Esty said...

weddings/seeing old friends :)
and i guess working, since i'm less of a free loader. haha


and WHY was the wait for CAS 3.5 hrs? that's DEF. not worth the wait.