Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We had our staycation. We attended summer weddings. We had our first month of school. Mrs. Woo discovered how long she can spend in a vintage/antique store. We ate at Sushi House too often. Mr. Woo started working for Oh Snap on the side. Mrs. Woo began job-hunting in the writing field. Mr. Woo approved to Mrs. Woo taking Broadway Jazz dance classes. We said "see you later" to our 1.5-months-long guest. We rearranged the living room furniture. We moved some decor to different walls. We moved most of the furniture back to its original places. Mr. Woo starts his classes again this week. Whew, there is always something to do!

There is one thing I'd like to add to our ever-growing list... Husband, two left feet is irrelevant in reenacting this! Let's do it! Plus, I bought you a shirt that is close enough to his - what a great opportunity to wear it. :)


junia said...

video was removed :-(

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

Link is now fixed!

frdyfsh said...

omg how do they keep a straight face while doing that! XD