Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scout cookies, next door, diamonds

We briefly interrupt our Hawaii recap, which reminds me of why I didn't want to leave. But I suppose it's a good thing we did since we (finally, finally) had our ultrasound today!

The technician pointed out that it was harder to get images with this one due to how much moving the fetus was doing. Then, after 15 minutes or so, she announced, "and it's a... okay, commercial break." And she meant it. She made us wait. Longer. After we laughed at her sense of humor I thought she would say that she was kidding and then proceed to tell us, but she didn't. I waited patiently, and finally she said the magic words: "It looks like it's... [Note: At this point, my mind is racing. Boy? Girl? Boy?] a girl!"

Let me remind you that Mr. Woo really wanted a girl. Nolie really wanted a niece. What it is with these two and baby girls I still don't know, but Mr. Woo triumphantly raised both fists in the air and quietly, yet firmly, uttered the one word, "Victory." Then he got up and was moving around with quiet excitement.

Little did we know that we were not even close to being done with the ultrasound. The baby was having a lot of fun wriggling around but was awfully camera shy with her face. It wouldn't have been so much of a problem except that the technician needed images of the nose and mouth that she kept covering with her arms. (Maybe she's going to be a boxer! Don't boxers allows keep their arms up like that, with their chin tucked under?) This was also not ideal because she needed to go on her lunch break, everyone else had already left for their lunch break, and the radiologist couldn't leave for her lunch break until the ultrasound images were in. We hadn't eaten yet either and were past the time that our substitutes were expecting us back. But after two hours of persistence and patience (and the baby's not even out of the womb yet!) they got the pictures they needed and we all went to our respective lunches.

Alright, alright. I'll cut the chit-chat. We proudly present our little baby girl:

Isn't she beautiful? She may have some gorgeous looks, but between her father and uncle I wonder if she'll ever get married (imagine the two Woo brothers with a shotgun in one hand and a long-winded checklist/interview questions for any potential suitor in the other). In the meantime, I'm a happy mommy knowing that our baby is active and healthy.

We had our list of boy and girl names picked out even before we conceived (we're sticking with them even if one of the 14 others expecting might "take" any) so we might as well let you also know that we'll be calling her Selah. :) If you're familiar with music, the Hebrew language, and/or the book of Psalms you'll recognize the word.

Bossman is a BossWOOman! o_O  

Who does she look like?


dan tsai said...


are you guys going to put the emphasis on the first or second syllable of the name?

inuffishthought said...

WOO hoo for the WOOman.. that's SO funny.

wait, so no Cyrecia?


I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - Emphasis on the first syllable, but I'm sure it may come out the other way at times too. Maybe if I'm being stern? :P
@Junia - Sorry, it was a top contender, but in the end it didn't make the cut. ;)

NoLie said...

I think BossWOOman kinda looks like her uncle..


Hannah said...

WOOWOO! Congrats... NOLAN!! on getting the niece you were praying for. hehe~ i'm excited for mama jane to have a little girl. :) it seems fitting somehow.

Sophia said...

yay congrats!! baby girl clothes are so much fun to shop for!! more fun than baby boys i think... :)

our nugget wouldn't stop moving during our ultrasound too.. so much that we actually had to go back the next week and repeat it. but it worked out bc i got two separate ultrasounds confirming she was a girl (i'm one of those people who are always suspicious about ultrasound gender results).

yay yay yay! :)

Hanna said...

CONGRATS! :) I LOVE IT, Selah!! :)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Nolie - One spoiled kid coming right up!
@Hannah - I do like the idea of pretty things for her... I'm hoping for boys down the road too!
@Sophia - I was surprised that they kept me there so long. These girls are going to have so much fun!
@Hanna - Thanks! We're getting a lot of mixed feedback on the name, but that'll probably happen no matter what name we choose. We like it. :D

dan tsai said...

for what it's worth, i like the name. i cant use it anymore.