Thursday, April 14, 2011

Babymoon - Day 6

Sadly, our babymoon came to the final day. But instead of putting a damper to our party, Mr. Woo made the last morning count too. We went to bed with the possibility of taking the long drive up around 3 A.M. to arrive at the top, find parking, and take pictures before the sun would come up. Our plan was: if we wake up, we're doing it.

We ended up going with Plan B. We slept in and took our time packing (and unloading all the gear we happily hauled around in the car from the condo). We took one last set of pictures at the beach, this time the one right across from the condo to say aloha.

Breakfast was at Kihei Caffe. Their banana macadamia french toast is a popular choice so I went with that. Mr. Woo opted for the fried rice with Portuguese sausage and egg. Each, including the cream cheese frosted cinnamon roll, was great.

All in all, it was a superb babymoon of a vacation which made me not want to leave. I was sad. But in case you didn't notice in the picture with the cinnamon roll, check out that baby bump! Maui made it official that I was showing - and not just looking like I had eaten a large meal (that picture was taken sans breakfast)!

While I laid low and didn't go picture-crazy, I do have some memories captured to remember the trip by. Mr. Woo took a hefty amount of pictures. He also had mosquito bites to bring home as souvenirs, all from the night of the luau, ten on his left arm alone. 

Another pick-me-up on the last day was discovering how much room we had on one of the planes back home (we did have a layover). When Mr. Woo was trying to check-in online a couple days back, we discovered that we wouldn't be sitting next to each other on the plane! So he called the airlines to try to sit Husband and Wifey together. He was told that our seats would be arranged when we arrived at the airport. In the end, we sat side-by-side, toward the front, and had loads of legroom. Score!

While boarding, we met another couple from our town which was pretty neat. We chatted for a while and ended up eating with them during the layover. To our surprise, the retired couple kindly picked up the tab. I hope we see them around.

With that, we were back home to the Bay Area. We would very much like to return to Maui with our future keiki (I was impressed by how they value the little ones). Should that be the case, we're already starting a to-do list.
  • Make it to the crater before sunrise
  • Find the shrimp taco truck
Of course, I wouldn't mind being repeat offenders to many of the activities that we did during our first stay as well.

Food for thought: The chocolate covered macademia nuts that many bring back as gifts from Hawaii are the same ones that we can find at Costco on the mainland. :P


dan tsai said...

cyrus gets a lot of mileage out of that wifebeater

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - It's a versatile piece that matches with almost any environment.

inuffishthought said...

did you go to the costco in hawaii? we bought boxes of those macadamia chocolate boxes home b/c they were so cheap!

Hannah said...

OOOO my family went to Kihei Cafe, too. the banana mac nut ANYTHING was pretty good. we got the pancakes. i was pleasantly surprised by the giant macadamia nuts everywhere. now i'm craving banana pancakes. great.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Junia - We don't have a Costco card, but we'll keep that in mind for the future.
@Hannah - I liked the little birdies that would fly over to the table. The birds there are so much cuter.