Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babymoon - Day 2

To see Day 1 of our last-minute getaway, click here!

Good grief, can we get away from McDonald's anywhere in this country? Apparently not, and Mr. Woo had heard that all should try the saimin noodles. To me it was like cup noodles with the golden arches slapped on the huge styrofoam bowl, but to each his own. (The McDs over there had taro pie instead of apple pie!)

So after we got that out of the way, we began trekking further up to more of West Maui. My role was assistant pilot, aka navigator. Our condo owners were kind enough to leave a copy of Maui Revealed which we found to be a fantastic aid. With that plus the map from the car rental, we began our drive in the hot sun and humid breeze.

We stopped at a couple of outlooks along the way so that we could both enjoy the beautiful waters and picturesque scenery. The Hawaiian radio station provided the soundtrack needed for our tour of the island. Although after a while all the beats started sounding the same...

Then lunch was at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina. Mr. Woo was a wonderful gentleman and made sure that we sat next to a window overlooking the blue waters below. It also helped that a lovely older couple announced, "I'm not moving my butt until [the waitress] says yes," followed by "You better slide your butt over now [before it gets taken]," moments later. Note to self: Be one of those kinds of people when I'm older.

Our next adventure was more subdued. We went to find the Banyan Tree. It looks like twelve trees' work, but it's all one! After getting rocked by the waves, I decided to give Bossman a break and not climb the tree, except a tiny bit for one picture (in which you can see my growing belly). It was also here that we found the cheaply advertised activities to not being entirely honest - there's always a catch. Once you qualify for it, they have you sit and listen to a 2-hour presentation of whatever they're trying to sell. Mr. Woo was a great leader and declined so that we could utilize that precious time in a better manner, even if it means paying a little extra. Great idea, Husband!

While we were up there we trekked to Black Rock in Ka'anapali. I kid you not, people climb over and up to the top and jump into the water. My view from the beach was plenty fun for me, so I just paddled in the water after slathering on sunblock. Since the waves were tossing me to and fro anyway, Husband taught me how to bodysurf! It was a lot of fun but in the end, it was something like Waves: 13; Mrs. Woo: 8. I ended up pulling a muscle and had trouble walking the next day.

After working up an appetite, I dove into mango shave (not shaved) ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at one of the shops at Whalers' Village. Then we walked to Leilani's for happy hour sliders - kalua pork for Mr. Woo, crab cake for Mrs. Woo.

On our way home we stopped at what I thought was a lighthouse. It turned out to be a poser, but we took a few snaps anyway. Of course, we squeezed in another obligatory sunset session. Hawaii's colors are beautiful, and God is an incredible Artist.

For those who want a quick scan of our trip, visit Mr. Woo's Flickr for his set of Maui pictures! (Hasn't he improved so much since he first picked up the camera?)


Hannah said...

o0o0o! i can see baby Woo peeking out in the banyan tree pic~ hawaii's colors really are beautiful! and wasn't the weather perfectly warm with a cool breeze? :D

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah - I made Baby Woo go through so much! Maui was simply wonderful. I definitely want to go back. :)