Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Babymoon - Day 5

The three-hour time difference had me waking up around 5:00 A.M. (Hawaii time) which was a great feeling. Whenever I arise at home, I'll know that it's dawn somewhere in the world.

For our last full day in Maui we decided to keep low and just enjoy it without thinking about time frame and scheduling. It also gave my body a chance to catch up to normalcy before heading back on that plane. For the most part, we stayed in Kihei and drove to Lahina for a little while.

One thing that Mr. Woo insisted on crossing off the to-do list was trying Hawaii's double filet-o-fish sandwich from McDonalds. He was eyeing it when we tried the saimin noodles on Day 2.

Then we picked up some customized sushi for the Mister at Food Net (like Safeway) and a plate lunch for me from a restaurant in the same plaza. Because I'd been feeling a bit queasy, I grabbed a fizzy drink too.

For my dinner and Mr. Woo's snack we picked up food from Cuatro, a fusion restaurant. We found out the hard way that their highly-rated food is definitely meant to be eaten dine-in. The crab cakes were mediocre at best, and my lukewarm fish and veggies Classic-style wasn't hitting the spot. But apparently Mr. Woo had the winner. He devoured the spicy tuna nachos. They were nice enough to throw in a bag of chips though.

Our drive out to Lahaina was with one thing on our mind - Ululani's shave ice. It has fantastic reviews and wasn't too far out so it was a must for us. How they get it so powdery soft is beyond us, but we thoroughly enjoyed the treat. We even went back to get more syrup. I can't remember what flavors syrups or ice cream at the bottom, but I know for certain that it was very yummy.

On our way back to home base in Kihei we stopped at a rest area to watch our last sunset of the vacation. It was beautiful. And the sunset wasn't bad either. (Mr. Woo placed his camera on the edge of the car window to capture some pictures - very courageous of him.)

To end the evening we went to our reservation at the sushi house Koiso. This tiny mom-and-pop restaurant had my husband furrowing his brow, licking his lips, and snapping pictures like no other. He claims it melted in his mouth.

I wouldn't know because this was my meal:

Here's his:

I believe him when he says it's the best he's ever had. I'm just looking forward to coming back one day to say the same. Bossman should know that though I put him/her through a lot, I also sacrificed omakase.

Remember how we didn't quite make it to the crater? For our next day, we were thinking about trying it super early in the morning to see the sunrise above the clouds. If so, the time zone would be on our side. Stay tuned to see our last day on the island!


Rebecca said...

We also loved the shaved ice at Ululani's-- I think it was even some of our favorite food we ate our entire week there. haha :) I wonder if there's anything like that here in the Eastbay...?

Hannah said...

D: When I heard that preggo moms can't eat sushi, I got really sad. :( Hang in there, Jane!!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Rebecca - If there were such a place, it'd do so very well!
@Hannah - I'll take an Island from Sushi House and Ultimate Salmon from CU Sushi when you visit me at the hospital.