Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farm food delivered

To read Part I of my PSA on knowing what we're eating go here.

In short, we're trying out a produce box from a farm because the government has created a horribly deceiving system that prevents its own people from know what exactly they're eating and where it's come from. This was sparked by watching a documentary which depicts some of these troubling issues.

As I'm excitedly putting away the produce from the box, one at a time (it's like getting a goody bag at a party)...

Top 4 phrases to leave my mouth:

"What is this?"

I very much appreciated the list of items in the box so that I could match items up with their proper name. The list was also in the order in which we should eat the produce (how long it'll last).

I washed some of the items to use for dinner or my next day snack. There was definitely some dirt so I didn't doubt that it was from a farm of some sort. I did find one worm. In the past I was have been grossed out by this, but this time I felt kind of good about it. It was the real deal and I was feeling earthy.

The eggs come from chickens raised naturally (not grown four times faster than it should be), are free to roam around 20 acres of land (opposed to being cooped up super-tightly), and can actually support their weight (instead of being immobile due to the previous two facts). They're given organic feed and are treated well overall. They look and taste a bit different too. The yolk is more orange in color, and the egg sits higher when cracked onto the frying pan. (Note: The farm's new chicks are so cute!)

Mr. Woo couldn't taste much of a difference but enjoyed his dinner nonetheless. And yes, he's wearing a polo shirt in that picture. You're welcome.

By the way, that peeled navel orange sitting in front of the fish is the sweetest orange I've ever tasted. I may want to continue our subscription just for the yummy fruit. I can't wait until the strawberries make it to the box! 

Here's what we're expecting this week. If things run the same as last time, they'll update with the actual list and recipes in a couple of days. And now I can look it up at home with our Internet installed. Yippee!


dan tsai said...

let me know what you do with those artichokes, too. ive never cooked w/ artichokes before either.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - The parent told me to cut off the top and then either steam it or boil it. It should be done when the leaf can be pulled off easily. We'll see how it goes!