Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Letter to Princess Tu-Zi Bunny

My dear Sweetie Pie (Mommy's favorite kind of pie),

Has it already been six months since you've made your traumatic entrance into this noisy world, where I can protect you from laptop cords and icky bugs but not your sinful nature nor mine? I remember those painful 28 hours but cherish each day I have at home to take care of and play with you. You look up at me with your almond eyes and sometimes furrowed brows, wanting me to join you on the blanket that once lay beneath me as an infant. I oblige, and you scrunch your nose. You're happy, but I think I might be happier. I'm so happy that I want to document every waking every moment, so I have you sit, or sleep, through various photo shoots which include all sorts of props and outfits. You oblige, and I scrunch my nose.

Let's remember to thank Daddy when he comes home from his grueling day of work. He understands his role as a father and the weighty responsibility that comes with leaving and cleaving. Because of Daddy's diligent work, Mommy can sit next to you on the couch, instead of a babysitter sitting you in front of an "idiot box" known as a TV. With your excellent hearing, you'll look up at the sound of the keys in the lock. And when he walks through the door, you'll give him a ginormous grin, drool dripping down and all, with a squeal of delight. He just might be your favorite, but there's no question that you are Daddy's girl. You won't remember it, but Daddy reads to you often. It's a precious sight. The two of you even go for a stroll to watch the cars, greet the dogs trotting by, and pick up the mail on the way back. You find it funny when he does his sit ups, and oh, how you love the hide-and-seek games.

After all that we've been through, and it sure was quite a bit for both you and me, I'm convinced that there's nothing we can't do - by His grace. If there's anything you learn from Mommy and Daddy I hope that it would be to love the Lord. Rejoice, give thanks, and serve Him, little one. This world will eventually and perpetually let you down, but He remains steadfast. The glorious God who has been so good to us will be the same faithful God in your pilgrimage. Hopefully you'll continue to express the observant, inquisitive spirit that you possess now, in digging through Scripture to find the many gems, but my hope is not in you nor my imperfect parenting. Just as you don't like to be alone, cling to the cross. Just as you babble lengthy conversations, speak Truth. Just as you get excited in your jumper, be glad in each day that the Lord gives you. And just as you look at the front of your hand, the back, and the front again, examine the life you live. May it be for the One who knows the number of hair on your head, crafts each watercolored sunset, and will come again so that every knee will bow.

Here's to however many more years He lets us borrow you. :)

Much love and some sleepless nights,

P.S.  Mommy can't believe how darling you look in this picture and can't stop gawking at it.


dan tsai said...

she's dressed immodestly! :)

junia said...

.... agh this reminds me of anne geddes.

i love what you wrote.. but... this picture is mean!

Sophia said...

jane, this was such a sweet post! :)

NoLie said...

That is an awesome letter. I'm sure she will love it one day when she can appreciate it.