Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hubby did what?!

After my version of Lady and the Tramp for pre-Valentine's Day, Mr. Woo said some mumbo-jumbo about not being able to top it. I went my merry way thinking that'd be fine since I'm the creative side of our unit. I was convinced of this when he was watching another "Linsane" moment unfold on his laptop in the kitchen while preparing dinner and announcing that our meal would be later than planned. And if I had any smidgen of a doubt that it'd be anything impressive, the smoke alarm going off drove it away.

So imagine my surprise when he calls me into the kitchen and he not only has perfectly-cooked poultry sitting in front of me, he's given attention to the ambiance as well. But that wasn't all... He graciously decides to take on the role of chef, waiter, and clean up duty this night. *swoon*


Appetizer: Organic corn tortilla chips with fresh guacamole
Beverage: Bottomless Martinelli's apple cider
Primo: Rosemary Garlic Chicken with broccoli florets
Secondi: Rachers' Reserve Filet Mignon with hand-mashed red potatoes
Dessert: (burnt) Banana Nut Bread a la mode

Restaurant quality food with superior service, at a fraction of the cost. Selah ended up napping and let us enjoy our meal instead of reaching for our plates and putting the tablecloth in her mouth! I'm all for making this an annual tradition. :)

My Review: It wasn't my first time dining here, but it was the first time I've been so thoroughly impressed! The chef seasoned the meat with exquisite TLC. The server was attentive and courteous (and handsome). FIVE STARS! I hope to dine here again!!!

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