Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter chicks and bunny eggs

Two years ago, when I had extra time on my hands, I made a carton of peeping chicks.

Then Mr. Woo ate them.

This year, I didn't make anything nor even think to put together a cute little basket of goodies for our little Princess Tu-zi Bunny. Fortunately(?), Selah has grandparents who spoil/coddle/spoil her. Halmuhnee assembled the cutest little Selah-sized basket of decorated eggs, chocolate, and marshmallows (she's good at things like this as I recall coming back from a trip to Korea in elementary school with an equally darling basket waiting for me), and the little tyke had her first "egg hunt." I don't know who had more fun, the baby who kept overturning the treats out of the basket or the adults watching the little curious one.

The apple does not fall far from the tree...

Note to self: Resurrection Eggs when Selah can understand.


dan tsai said...

wow, Selah is quite fierce in that last photo. Poor egg!

NoLie said...

Serious.. magnum fierce.. and she keeps getting cuter and cuter! :D

JPL said...

hahah this is like a cartoon strip of selah..
1)I see you, egg
2)I play with you, egg
3)now I EAT you, egg! Muahaha!

JPL said...

oh and this is jungpa loll. hi woo family!