Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AB, see you again

I would feel bad about posting my wish list before posting my Thanksgiving post if there weren't Christmas decorations and products along many, many aisles even before the turkey's been purchased. But back to Turkey Day...

Alton Brown is my hero. You might remember my first interaction with him away from the monitor/TV screen here. So when it came to my turkey this year, there was not a second of hesitation of who I'd call to help me out in the kitchen.

My quest began with finding a hefty bird and pulling out this trusty recipe. The only modification I wanted to make this year was buying a bigger turkey so that I could have leftovers. That's right, I wanted to experience slapping cranberry sauce and tender turkey meat between two slices of bread or rolls.

So it began, again. Here's what happened over the course of approximately 3 days:

Birdie sitting happy, waiting.
Who needs Love Potion #9?
It's like a spa.

Mr. Woo's contribution.

I decided that since I made two turkeys last year that I'd repeat my duel in creating dual friends and bring upon myself an annual tradition. However, I didn't want to do the same fruit and cheese turkey, so I made a bird that would last longer than two hours.

How Mr. Woo prepares for the "big moment," aka carving the turkey. Requests a special knife.

I went for a more rustic look this year.
A peek at how it looked before we tore it up:

And what is a fun-lovin' group to do after eating a feast? Have fun playing games of course. I think they also had a time of sharing, but I was in the kitchen so I don't recall much of what was said. :(  Oh, but I did get in on some of the action:

This was the practice round of just one of the games:

Oh, the memories. :)

Thank you to everyone who joined us this Thanksgiving! And y'all who spent time at home, I hope it was a blessed time together!

The taste of success. I really wanted a drumstick this year.

Did you notice any changes in our living since last year?


dan tsai said...

i am thankful for the conspicuous lack of a Cyrus-wearing-a-wife-beater shot. Thank you for sparing us!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - I think he had just come back from someone's place when I took the picture. Enjoy while you can.