Monday, December 7, 2009


Though this post is directed toward one person or group, really, I thought I'd share the blessings of the Lord with everyone. :)

After a grueling day of work, Mr. Woo and I drove home talking about the events that had occurred in each of our classrooms. It was nothing out of the ordinary, except that all days are extraordinary (insert heart), until we approached the front door to our home. Mr. Woo asked, "Did you order something for us?" I probably enjoy bargain-hunting much more than I should, but I couldn't recall anything but students name-calling and other shenanigans from earlier. We took the box inside and so our episode began.

It was a big box, sent to "The Woos." The excitement filled the room as our tired countenances lit up with child-like glee.

"Who would send this to us?"
We each threw out some names that came to mind.

"I heard this is one of the best commentary sets!"

"Wow. Who would do this?"

"How does it smell?"

"There's no card or name anywhere?"
Nope, just a message on the shipping sticker on the box.

"I need to make room on my bookshelf!"
Off Mr. Woo went to re-categorize his bookshelf.

Ten minutes later, and a wardrobe change mid-way, Mr. Woo was almost ready to show me his new collection:

And I get to benefit too! Thank you so much to the giver(s). We're thrilled to add more inked-up trees to our bookshelf (No, we're not very green when it comes to books. What can I say? We're traditional.) and thoroughly blessed by your kindness. It's truly amazing to see how the Lord blesses through His people, to His people - all for His glory. Mr. Woo is excited to jump into the deep end with The Expositor's Bible Commentary Set. You can read his thoughts here! I concur with his P.S. as my bookshelf is also at full capacity.


Zinnia said...

aww! how wonderful! praise the Lord!

Bethany said...

how cool! :) :)