Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

There's exactly one month left until our one year anniversary! What an appropriate time to give a few reasons to why I love my dear, sweet husband. :) In no particular order...

  1. He married me despite the fact that I am a sinner.
  2. He does his best to provide for the family.
  3. He desires to lead the family (his lot is currently a population of 2).
  4. He loves building relationships with children and adults alike.
  5. He keeps a bat next to the bed as protection from all danger.
  6. He kills spiders for me (without the bat).
  7. He never leaves the toilet seat up.
  8. He opens doors for me.
  9. He carries heavy items for me.
  10. He is not a picky eater (with mushrooms and eggplant as exceptions).
  11. He buys me books (because they last longer than flowers).
  12. He loves me just the way I am despite my being told that my eczema will scare away any suitor and/or friends.
  13. He could have completed the Fun Run within a decent amount of time, but chose to run and walk (and piggyback to beat KevinN + NateS) with me.
  14. He was the only cheering for me from start to finish when I ran a half marathon (although the last 2 miles he was crawling next to me in the car...)
  15. He makes sure that I understand that it is not my living room that I am redecorating but ours.
  16. He inhales his food but sits there until I'm done eating because he remembers that I don't like to eat by myself.
  17. He will not let any argument go unsettled before turning in for the night (cf. Eph 4:26).
  18. His countenance changes even at the thought of shopping, but will take me anyway.
  19. When there is no tissue in sight and I ask for a paper towel on his way back from the bathroom so that I can blow my nose, he'll bring me a napkin saying, "I thought this would be softer for your nose."
  20. He is my best friend.

      I've been woo'd. :)[heart]


      dan tsai said...

      if this is the 11 month post, i look forward to your 1 year anniversary blog post.

      cyrus is da man. i love that i get to be friends with you guys.

      rock on.

      I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

      @Dan - Awww Dan, you're family to us. :)

      angie said...

      your list made me smile, and i couldn't help but think of the many similarities between mr. woo and mr. lee. hehe we're blessed! happy 11 months to an incredibly cute couple.

      Hannah said...

      awww :D I think I like #19 best. hee hee!

      junia said...

      woo'd? har HAr Har.

      Oh *Cy* (get it? Sigh?)

      Esty said...

      i LOVE number 11! how thoughtful AND practical! :)

      i want to come over for dinner one day!

      tina said...

      aww i also love number 11!:)

      I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

      @Angie - Thank you! :)
      @Hannah - We (you and I) are romantics.
      @Junia - Oh golly gee. I do miss your voice. :P
      @Estera - Absolutely! Come over whenever you're in the area. We'll watch chick flicks on my laptop unless you bring a TV.
      @Tina - haha Yay, books!

      Zinnia said...

      aww. i love them all. praise the Lord for giving you such a wonderful and sweet husband! hm...i love so many of them. #1, #2, #5, #7, #8, #13, #16, #17, #19, #20. haha

      Lena said...

      omg jaaaane, this is so cuute!! =D
      so glad you guys are married =)

      Jen said...

      #5 cracks me up. #20 :)

      dan tsai said...

      why's he need a baseball bat when he's packing a buff pair of guns like his?

      Bethany said...

      i really like this post :) :) :)

      Mr. Woo said...

      @Dan - Cause they're invisible.

      I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

      @Zinn - haha The Lord is good indeed. :)
      @Lena - I'm glad too!
      @Jen - I give up trying to get rid of it.
      @Dan - I don't recall Mr. Woo making such a purchase...
      @Beth - hehe

      Daniel S. Kim said...

      #18 #20 :)

      Kevin said...

      HEY! did you guys really beat us?

      next year! we will win! except by next year I may not be able to piggyback that boy anymore :-p

      jontsai said...

      haha i don't read your blog often, but all i have to say is... Pink!