Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marketing Farmers, Storks, and Cell phones

Yesterday was a supposed-to-be stressful day due to Mrs. Woo's CSET in the morning and Mr. Woo's CSET in the afternoon. But it wasn't. (Why I have a strong dislike for CSU East Bay in Hayward for another time - it's going to be long.)

After Mr. Woo picked me up from my test, we passed a sign that said "Farmer's Market." Having never been to one, I squealed "ohHhhHH" in utter excitement. Then followed this conversation:

Mr. Woo: Did you want to go?
Mrs. Woo: No... it's okay. You should study before your test...
Mr. Woo: Are you sure?
Mrs. Woo: Yeah...
Mr. Woo: No, let's go. I want to go.
Mrs. Woo: ReAlLY??!? OKAY!

So we went. In our "testing attire" (rolled up because of the warm weather). Feeling a little embarrassed:

But it was so much fun! We saw pretty flowers, fresh and local grown produce, free samples, live music, and even snagged a free bag from playing a Recycling Game and getting the answers correct. After we happily munched on some pastries (jalepeno cheese for the mister and a fruit danish for moi), my eyes beheld a bag of envy. There standing in front of me was a lady with a baguette sticking out of her bag that she carried over her shoulder!!!

There's just something about it that made me so envious. Maybe because I had seen it in pictures, movies, and other forms of (evil) media? Or maybe because I just really like (carb-loaded) bread?

I don't know. But my sweet husband bought me a loaf of that sweet baguette. I placed it happily in my new blue (but green) canvas bag and swung the straps over my shoulders feeling like I was in Paris.

There I am with strawberries in hand. Apparently people buy them by the box (for $6.00) instead of by the basket (for $2.50) because he didn't have change and gave it to us for $2. Yay for local farmers!

Now, I know that some of you are going to let your eyes stop at my midsection and wonder Is there a new form of life in there? First, I thank you for not coming up to me and grabbing my tummy while asking the question (that makes me feel very fat). And to answer it, no the stork has not made his visit to us yet. It is just my fat pink cell phone in the front pocket.

While on the topic of cell phones, I'd like to say that you're more than welcome to call mine. It seems that since our marriage, the only phone calls I get are from my parents. Once a month, however, I'll get a call from someone else... looking for Mr. Woo. :(

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