Sunday, April 12, 2009

Looking like a family

After Easter service, Cy and I decided to go watch "Monsters Vs. Aliens" in 3D. We also decided to take Fred and Leland.

Cy and I were walking hand in hand. Fred carrying the cajon and Leland next to him. The four of us were walking linear down Sproul (enter memories of colorful flyers popping my personal bubble space) when Andy walks by and says, "Haha, you guys look like a family!" How funny. I guess we look like it.

Then, we cross Bancroft and Leland announces that he wants Jamba Juice. So we bought him the Strawberry Whirl and split it into 2 cups; I took the other. He's happy and we're on our merry way.

We find our seats and put on our spiffy 3D glasses and Leland proceeds to narrate about the various preview previews (the ones that repeatedly tell us to turn off our cell phones and go out and buy popcorn) and even entertains us with his rendition of the Star Wars soundtrack.

After, we ask if he enjoyed the movie; he did. And it hit me - this is exactly what we would do if we had brought our own kid to watch a movie. Wow, I feel so grown-up.

Fred and Leland, you're always welcome to the Woo Family. :)

I even baked chocolate cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Fred when he came over for dinner, only to find out that I was 7 days early... This was the same weekend that I had the sub send home a flyer that was supposed to go home the following week and my anticipation of meeting with a sister which was also the next weekend... -_- No brain once you're married.

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dan tsai said...

isn't fred's birthday in january? why would you sing happy bday to him in april?