Friday, April 17, 2009

Fourth time's a (long-awaited) charm.

The slow cooker has been quite the puzzling addition to the Woo family.

Mrs. Woo has twice attempted pork and once beef. Mr. Woo has graciously eaten every last bit of each meal, but his wife is fully aware that the meat and veggies were extremely dry and salty, respectively. She had used soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and water for the liquid that covered the contents. She is quite upset about the wasted ingredients, time, and money.

But then(!) Mrs. Woo made a couple changes:
(1) She used drumsticks.
(2) She placed all the veggies at the bottom, and the meat resting on top.
(3) The meat was not submerged in the liquid.
(4) She cooked it on high for 1 hour, then 11 more on low.
(5) She made strict restrictions to not let the lid be even the slightest bit ajar.

Results: Beautifully tender chicken and just-the-right-amount-of-flavor veggies!

What say you now, slow-cooker! You WILL submit!

1 comment:

junia said...

dude slow cookers are the bomb. you can bake in them too.

look up bread pudding
over night omelet er breakfast casserole or something
and pulled pork sandwiches

those are yummy and really easy breezy in the slow cooker.

(or if you're really interested you can email me and i'll just send you the recipes i found/used)