Monday, March 30, 2009

Sons and daughters

A sweet episode in Mrs. Woo's class...

Assignment: Color your fraction strips, cut them out, write your initials on each piece.

About 10 minute into the time a group of students begin a conversation about CCS and when they might be leaving the school for various reasons...

Student #1: I wish I had you in Kindergarten, and then like that.
Student #2: I wish I had you all the years I was here.
Mrs. Woo: You wish you had me every year???
Chorus of students: Yeah!
Mrs. Woo: Awww! But no, that's too much work for me.
Student #3: I wish I was your son. Then I could see you everyday!
Mrs. Woo: ahahaha
Student #4: Aw, I want to be your daughter!
Student #2: Me too.
Mrs. Woo: You guys are funny... Do your work!
Student #3: Are you and Mr. Woo going to have babies?
Student #5: You should name the baby Citrus Woo! ahaha
Mrs. Woo: Do your work!

Then Student #2 comes up to my desk with a big grin and is hopping up and down, excited about something...
Student #3: Youmaiiashhsafobebayis
Mrs. Woo: What?
Student #3: You might have babies! And then I get to see it!

ahahahahahah Maybe you need to know the background of this student so let me fill you in - he's the mob boss type. He's the one that students ask if they're allowed to play. He's also the one who always wants to return neglected sweaters to their rightful owners. Why he's so into babies right now, I have no idea but it's awfully cute. :)

Pictured with Student #4
(who was very eager to take this pic)

Now the munchkins are talking about beta fish laying eggs and dog years as they color and cut.

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