Monday, March 9, 2009

Man vs. Woman

Mr. and Mrs. Woo in the classroom after school...

Mrs. Woo: Pooki, I was wondering... I'm not asking you to, but I was just wondering... would you ever buy me jewelry? (thinks about e-ring) In the future?

Mr. Woo: Yeah, you have silver coins.

Mrs. Woo: -_-

But THEN(!), being the secretly persistent one I am, I googled "man woman jewelry silver coin" and found this tutorial very interesting. However, I would like Mr. Woo to save the hassle (and potential danger) and just keep the pre-64 quarter to sell if needed.

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jimmycrackedcorn said...

Thanks for the link. Making a silver ring for my wife was a very fulfilling process and she loves it even more than her gold wedding band or diamond engagement ring.