Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephanie under the knife

Howdy busy bees!

After much contemplation, I decided to let Stephanie go under the knife. o_O I thought about wearing a bolero over her for the ceremony and then taking it off for the reception, but I decided to add sleeves instead!

I was a bit nervous as Mother wanted me to keep her a strapless dress (because "everyone is doing it"). But I couldn't bear the thought of standing up there (esp. right in front of our pastor) with bare naked shoulders. I brought Stephanie, two of my BMs, and all my problems, to my lovely seamstress Anne. We decided to make them detachable just in case Mother wanted me to take it off for the reception at most.

What do you think? :)

I'm really happy about something in this last one... Maybe the buttons? I really, really like that back of my dress. Good thing people will be staring at that side during the ceremony. Hehe.

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