Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday my heart!

Hive, please tell me you like Black Friday as much as I do!

As usual, I started my day around 5am to make sure I'd get to mall before the crazy traffic began. I couldn't do my pre-sales plans where I map out my day in order of priority last night due to wedding planning keeping me busy.


here's what I snatched: Express slacks, Express lounge pants, Remington shaver, Down-alternative comforter, Duvet set, Double sheet set, VS unmentionables, and more!

Yeah... it's a little different than my annual spree. My priority this year was home furnishings, but I'm quite pleased with this round. I hope my Mr. likes the bedding or else it would have been for nothing. And I discovered at the beginning of college that I like to match my own beddings instead of spending so much on a Bed-in-a-bag. The mix-and match allows me to get creative with different colors/shades, patterns, and fabrics.

Here's the bedding I put together:

By the way, I did not pay the price on the sticker.

Have you noticed any changes (or lack there of) in your shoppings since your engagement?

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