Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black Friday fluffy mail

I got what's called "fluffy mail" in the cloth diapering world. Yay! (Snail mail really is the best.) All of my orders are from the four online shops that I prefer and reviewed earlier, plus one from Etsy.

These CDing moms, and dads, went crazy. I suppose I'm not one to say though because I was among the mob that was refreshing several times while counting down the minutes until midnight in each timezone. Some items were gone within minutes, and by the time I placed my first order I was #59 in line. Those are some nimble fingers they've got because I even had my cart ready to go before the cyber madness started!

The fantastic news is that all my packages from my multiple orders have safely arrived, and I can't wait to get them on my baby's tush. Cloth diapers have come such a long way, and are far from the pins and cloth squares that most people think of. We've been mainly using Flip with soft organic inserts, which I'm happy with, but I'm in search of a nighttime diaper that: (1) won't leak, (2) is soft on her bum, and (3) fairly trim.

Here are my new additions:

Yup, Mr. Woo's first reaction was, "How much did you spend???" even though I told him the morning of Black Friday and gave an update after Cyber Monday. I guess seeing is believing. His look must have been something like this:

I knew there'd be a big price tag initially, the upfront cost, but not having to spend $20-30 on a box of disposables that would only last for a couple weeks is wonderful. (You can find sites that have calculators to tell you how much you'll save in the long haul by switching over!) What's greater is that I had the freedom to choose which fibers I wanted (natural, natural, natural) and which type I wanted (all-in-two for daytime, trying pockets for nighttime). Plus, Mr. Woo prefers the all-in-ones because they're so similar to disposables that there's not much of a learning curve there.

The other items I invested in are: wetbags (no leaks nor odors), more detergent to leave at Grandma's, BabySoy onesie, and books on cloth diapering to give as gifts. And in my defense, some of those items above were free: several more diapers, detergent, babylegs, wetbag, and CJ's butter samples. Woo to the hoo!

I'll be trying out one or two of each new diaper system. That way if I don't like it, I can sell them. There's quite a good return on the popular brands, and with the price that I purchased them at, I'm fairly confident that I could possibly make money on them if not break even. If it's not a nice snug fit, I can always try them when she's bigger too. I'm going to have to keep my favorite colors and prints though, whether Selah wears them or not. There's always #2, right? (I sound like a true addict.)


Anonymous said...

wow... can't believe you bought so many... i only have like 24 inserts and 4 outer coverings...

hope you have fun cloth diapering!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Anon - Yeah... I bought a bit of everything that I've been wanting to try since I'm building my stash. I don't intend on keeping all of them though. I'm already finding that some are working better than others for my baby. Twenty-four sounds like a good number. :)