Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monkey farts

One of the "baby stuff" I was eager to try was cloth diapers. I sought out some BumGenius Elementals because they were organic and all-in-one (no stuffing necessary). AIO, mf, pockets, PUL, sposies, AI2, flats, prefolds, RaR, BG, liners... I've picked up a foreign language and though not yet fluent I'm now conversational.

I still very much like organic cotton (so soft!), and bamboo has been amazing (soft and antimicrobial!). The only qualm I have about BGE, aside from the long drying time, is how bulky it is on our little Selah. So while I'm excited about how much I'm going to like it when she's older, I'm making good use of our Flip (also from the makers of BG) covers with organic inserts. I'm also looking for trimmer options where she can wear her tiny Gap pants and not be so bottom heavy. Enter Kelly's Closet, Sweet Bottoms Baby, and Green Diaper Demos.

In my mind, Cotton Babies is the Costco of online diaper shops, but these three are the Trader Joe's that I prefer. All three shops have been great thus far, and the frequent buyer points system has me going back for more.

Kelly's Closet probably has the most variety. Their Facebook wall is bustling most of the day with "JV moms" asking the "Varsity moms" practical questions. The few days I got sucked into this magical world I saw Stacy, who's part of the KC team, constantly imparting her wisdom to nearly every question. I can now attest to the wonderfully helpful customer service that I so value in any type of trading. Shipping is not quite as fast as others, but it's not the slowest either. It's worth it though, as you can always find a deal and/or coupon at KC.

Sweet Bottoms Baby made me feel like it was my birthday. It all started when I was looking for a discontinued diaper. Not only did they have it, but their prices were lower, if not the same as other shops, of most products. The nicely wrapped package was a pleasant surprise, and the handwritten note was truly sweet. There's a lot of care oozing from this place. SBB also has fast and free shipping every day no matter the purchase total. Don't forget that there are tiers for free samples with each order too.

Green Diaper Demos lured me in with an early Black Friday sale and the fact that they had the sold out diaper I was looking for. Michelle also included a handwritten note (call me old-fashioned but it's just a nice touch - just like snail mail!). My free gift was another diaper whose style name was "Moovin' Strawberry." She couldn't have sent this strawberry lover a better gift. Another perk about GDD is that you can cash out your reward points faster. Mo' money, mo' money!

Many of these shops offer samples of products that you can try before committing to a larger quantity. (Their Tiny Bubbles detergent sample packs are great for taking to Grandma's!) I kept seeing CJ's BUTTer around so I decided to try one, Monkey Farts. Maybe I was too tired to make any connections, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what kind of scent it would be. Some people reviewed it saying that it was their favorite, so I took a chance. This BUTTer is a natural muli-purpose cream for babies and adults, but I'm more intrigued by all the scents. (Monkey Farts!?)

I'll give an update on my Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases once they all arrive. Our checkbook definitely took an upfront hit, but I'm excited to not put plastic against her soft tushy. Plus, all the cute prints make it so addicting! Happy mommy means happy baby.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid nor compensated for any of the reviews (though I would leap at the chance if it meant more free fluff). All opinions expressed are my own. :)

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