Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three cheers hooray, minus the ring, plus a belly

Three years ago today, Mr. Woo put a ring on my finger. (This is how we celebrated one year later.)

Today, I cannot wear the engagement ring because my fingers are swollen from my (nearly over!) pregnancy. But that hasn't affected our marriage one bit (just the glances I get with my enormous uterus and being called "Miss" more).

I've been rocked in this School of Sanctification time and time again, and I can only expect to get pummeled some more as we enroll in our next course of Parenthood 1001. It's scary and I'm nervous, but I'm so thankful to be able to walk into it hand in hand with my beloved Pooki. God's been incredibly faithful to me, and to our little growing family, through my worries, fears, but mainly tantrums this past year. We're not perfect (yet), but we've got each other to sharpen, encourage, and gaze with in the same direction. So I sit here on my yoga ball (best purchase in the third trimester!), 2 cm dilated and a happy wife. :)

Happy almost 3 years, Honey Bunny! I love you! :)

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