Sunday, August 7, 2011

A sneak peek at Selah's Nursery

I've been "nesting" on/off since I quit work, but only now got around to washing her clothes. It was very important to me that she have something to wear when we come home. After the washer decided to stop working mid-way on my first attempt to free my little one's clothing of any yucky germs, my dear husband went fishing for every little bitty sock and shirt as my anxiety piled as high as the water.

This second surge of energy, or rather determination, must be because she's preparing for her big entrance too - a big chunk of my mucus plug came out tonight! I heard that it was thick and colored, but I'm now a believer of, "You'll just know." All that to say, I'm glad her room is now readily awaiting her. :)

Here's what our office/guestroom looked like before:

During the "renovation":

And a sneak peek at what is now the nursery:

Yes, I have changed the theme/colors many times, mainly from "Pigs & Strawberries" to "Blue, Green & White" to "Puppies" and finally settled at "Whatever makes Mommy happy." I figure a happy mom makes a happy baby, right?


dan tsai said...

well, i guarantee you, the baby doesn't care what the decor is like... so as long as you're happy :)

junia said...

the mucus plug info was a little tmi. i don't know what that is, and... i prefer not to know for now.

thank you! hahahah

Hannah said...

AWWW it looks so happy and cute. :D i would be a happy baby if i were selah. :)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - True. Guys make things so simple (sometimes overly simple).
@Junia - That is why you can't be my doula.
@Hannah - Aww, thanks! At least one of us needs to be for sanity's sake.