Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last week as a teacher

I'm wrapping up my final duties as a teacher this week and next with in-services. The previous week was my last in a classroom full of students, and it was busy as ever. In the hussle bussle of it all God gave me the grace to pack lunches for Mr. Woo and make end-of-the-year gifts for my students.

Here's what I was up to for my students (more for their parents, actually):

I created a template for a K-12 School Days frame that their families can continue as they progress from year to year! I started it off with their kindergarten, first, second, and third grade pictures. Then I placed each one behind a sheet of glass so that I wouldn't be handing them a piece of paper. They were wrapped individually in flowery tissue paper for girls and boy-ish blue polka dots for the boys. I wanted to engineer handles for them all (so that it wouldn't be dropped out of a third grader's grasp), but I was so sleepy that I decided to forego the tote idea.

I needed the sleep so that I could be a loving wife before a full-time employee. Mr. Woo's been going strong with his weekly quizzes and report presentations at his new workplace. Not a single one failed - praise the Lord! To keep his energy going, I've been continuing to pack his lunches. On one particular day, I included brown/white rice for starch, seafood pancake for the side dish, and meat (galbi jjim) because he's a man. The blueberries were for antioxidants (to not get sick) and cherries just because they were super sweet (like him!). I even wrote a little note on his Rice Krispies Treat to "kick it up a notch."

One more week!


NoLie said...

"...and meat (galbi jjim) because he's a man."

I totally agree... being a man is a legit reason to eat meat... :)

dan tsai said...

being a man didn't quite work out for me.. i didn't get any meat.

Hannah said...

AWWWW! Cute packed lunch! I'm super excited to pack lunches for the future husband. YAYAYAYYYY~ :D